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Something to celebrate soon? Take it easy and call us!

Who can resist the wonderful flavors of Thai cuisine during an event or occasion? Whether you have plans for a pleasant evening with a group of friends, family or for a large staff event in the afternoon, Phonsawan Thai Cuisine delivers everything you need, completely tailored to your wishes!

In addition to delicious appetizers, soups or main dishes, we also provide all items to make your event a success (e.g. china, cutlery and heating units). If you so wish, we can also supply ambient Thai music on CD to enhance the oriental mood. And since we know that doing the dishes and cleaning up are nobody's favorite activities, we do that for you! All is simply included in the total price.

Conditions Catering

  • We cater 7 days a week between 17:00 and 22:00 hrs
  • Ideal for larger groups / occasions
  • We can assist you with staffing for your event. Just let us know!
  • Minimum expenditure of € 100,-

We like to help you

For more information and bookings please contact us. You can reach us by phone any day 15:00 and 22:00 hrs. (070 - 399 9865). Alternately, you can contact us by filling in the form below.